Affiliate Program

Thanks you for your interest in our affiliate program.

We are an eCommerce printing and business services company looking for affiliates to help drive customers to our website.

Affiliate Program overview

1.       When you sign up as an affiliate for our company, you earn a 10% commission on all customer orders placed through your referral link for the life of each customer. This is considered level one – Referring Affiliate.

2.       If you would also like to build a team, you’ll earn a 5% commission on all your referred Affiliate’s customer orders too. This is considered level two – Team Builder.

3.       If you choose to build a team, as soon as you have referred 5 affiliates, we will give you the opportunity to become part owner in one of our retail locations. A 50% match of your weekly commission earned will be banked in our Affiliate Ownership Program. This is considered level three – Business Builder.

 4.      As soon as you have banked $3000 in commissions in the Affiliate Ownership Program, you will be issued an LLC Certificate designating your ownership interest in one of our retail locations.  There is no limit to the number of Affiliate Owner positions you can earn, but there is a strict limit of 49 Affiliate Ownership positions in any one location. You have now become an AFFILIATE OWNER. Congratulations!!

The Print Founders Affiliate Program Mission Statement

Print Founders understands our affiliates are an integral part of our organization and we have developed our Affiliate compensation plan around that basis so they may participate at the level of their choosing. From the Referral Affiliate who just wants to earn a part-time income referring customers to us, to the Business Builders who want to share the opportunity and earn commissions on their team’s efforts as well as their own, all the way up to those who want to join us as an Affiliate Owner in one of our planned retail store locations. (THAT'S RIGHT, TRUE AFFILIATE OWNERSHIP!) Print Founders is changing the way affiliate marketing has normally been presented, and we feel we have something for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit that wants to earn an extra income. We will accomplish this by being a strong, ethical company, and promising to deal with our customers, affiliates, and investors with transparency and professionalism in all we do.  Keeping in mind that we are building a true life-long residual income stream for all those involved.  We welcome you to join the Print Founders Family.

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Corporate Positions are also available (Requires: Network Marketing background building large teams)

Contact Billy Hayes at or text “corporate position” to 561-424-6785 if you are interested.
Thanks, and much success!

Billy Hayes, CEO & Founder

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